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Deliberate Facial Kit

Deliberate Facial Kit

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This facial kit contains 4 mini products to enhance the experience of your skins maturity. This is a concise kit to take you through a skin care routine that is predictable and effective. This kit can be experienced by anyone, however it is particularly benefiting skin that requires more moisture and skin cell support.

Directions: Use products in this order: Lemongrass + Glycolic Exfoliating Gel Cleanser, Rose + Sandalwood Hydrating Mist, Collagen Boosting Peptide Cream, Herbs + Seed Facial Oil.

Whats Included:

1 oz. Lemongrass + Glycolic Gel Cleanser - A plant based chemical exfoliating gel cleanser that melts away dead skin cells, roughness, and anything in the way. Leaves skin feel clean and refreshed.  

1 oz. Rose + Sandalwood Hydrating Mist - Hyaluronic acid infused with plant waters to douse the skin in hydration on the deepest level.  

1 oz. (Full Size) Collagen Boosting Peptide Cream - A moisturizer that helps reinforce your aging skin cells, helping to reduce fine lines and tighten up the skin. 

1 oz. (Full Size) Herbs + Seeds Facial Oil - A light weight nutrient dense facial oil that seeps into the skin easily. Provides a nice barrier protective barrier from outside elements and helps secure hydration for the day or night. 

Compostable Label | UV Glass Bottles | Zipper Cosmetic Bag                                                                                          

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