We often take good care of our physical needs, yet seldom address our spiritual side. Your Reiki session was a step in the right direction toward my spiritual enhancement and healing. 

-J.       July 2017


Today was my first Reiki experience. It was amazing but unexplainable. I was not skeptical of the practice, just not very educated. I was excited yet a bit nervous, mostly of the unknown. I have to say that my experience was so wonderful, exciting, moving, and motivating. I will definitely be coming again for a session with a more relaxed attitiude in hopes of learning more about Reiki as a practice and about myself. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience Nicole!

-Angie      July 2017


My experience with Reiki was most peaceful and allowed me a more full awareness of my inner self. By slowing down, relaxing into the Reiki I took care of the whole person of me. This will help me in turn help others. 

-K.D.      September 2017

Thank you Nicole for the wonderful Reiki healing session. My hour with you was very comfortable and relaxing. I have always believed that health & happiness start from within. Your guided meditation and sound therapy was wonderful.  Thank you.

-Laura     September 2017

Nicole, Today's experience was one of deep inner peace and renewal. I felt a loving infusion of warmth that seemed to reach each and every cell. The warmth then radiated throughout me and it felt as though it radiated outward. I also sensed many hands upon me though it took a bit of time for me to understand you had help. When we started I told myself to open and I was rewarded with deep peace, calm and a sense of wellness. I am so thankful for you!

-Nancy    October 2017

I was very amazed how Nicole could sense that I was a warrior. I had not mentioned anything to her in the begining about my health, but somehow she could tell i was a warrior in someway, which is true because I'm a 3 time cancer survivor. I was very pleased with the whole experience. 

-S.W.    March 2018

Great first experience. Will definitely return. 

-Laura      April 2018