Green Clay +
Avocado Face Cleanser


This vegan bar of soap is just what your face wants - to be clean without stripping it of its natural oils. Created with rich oils, butters, and clay. Gentle enough for any skin type. This bar of soap is packed with raw avocado oil to improve skin’s elasticity and retain moisture. You thought eating avocado was joy, try bathing in it! If you suffer from sensitive skin this gentle cleanser also doubles as a gentle body soap; nurturing dry, troubled skin.

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This soap was handcrafted in small batches using the cold process method and left to cure on the rack for at least 4 weeks. Keep your soap bar in a well drained place after use to extend the longevity of its existence. 

2.5 oz


Unrefined coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, raw cocoa butter*, avocado oil*, macadamia nut oil, sodium hydroxide (saponification), distilled water, french green sea clay, rose water

*Certified Organic   






Ritual Bath

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Sacred Spray
Hair | Body | Smudge

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Blue Clay + Menthol Shaving Soap

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