Distant Reiki

Enjoy Reiki right from the comfort of your home.

I do not charge for distant Reiki, but many have expressed wanting to give something back in exchange for the energy. If you wish to make a dotation before or after your session, you are welcome to and we thank you in advance. Click the “Sign Up’ button below to request distant Reiki.


SPECIAL: Full Moon in Capricorn Reiki (Partial Lunar Eclipse) 7/16/19 9:30pm (CST)

Please join me in a full moon distant meditation and distant reiki session. With the full moon in Capricorn and a partial lunar eclipse, the energy is projected to be powerful and confrontational. Power struggles are likely to arise with intense emotional reactions. This full moon and eclipse will shed light on your personal authority to help guide you back to your power. Taking a clear look at any relationship unbalances that have made their way back to you or new ones that need attention. Thinking back to why you made certain choices…were they to keep you comfortable and safe, were they for social approval and acceptance, or perhaps it was old programming that has been passed down for generations. Often we set aside our own feelings to appease others, this energy is here for you to make steps towards relieving yourself of these burdens. Letting go gently for the greater good and harmony. We can support our path forward with honesty, empathy, love, and understanding.

I will start with a ritual meditation around 9pm and start sending Reiki at about 9:30pm. The Reiki session will last for about 15 minutes. I invite you to follow along and start a calming meditation of your choosing at the same time. Around 9:15pm I invite you to make sure you are comfortably seated or lying down while receiving the reiki. Please note that you do not need to meditate or even be sitting down to receive the Reiki, the Reiki will come to you no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Some like to try to connect with the energy, some like to hold intentions, and some like to bring forward something that they are willing and ready to let go of. Do what calls to you and feels natural. You may ask for Reiki for yourself, but not for others without their permission. Please include your first and last name when you sign up below.

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Love is the way forward and time is a healer.

Would you like to receive some distant Reiki?    Let us know   , and we will add you name to our healing session (include your first and last name).

Would you like to receive some distant Reiki? Let us know, and we will add you name to our healing session (include your first and last name).