Vegan Beauty

grow. extract. smell. repeat.

We are a plant based vegan beauty company that creates purposeful beauty products without the use of preservatives or harsh chemicals. All of our products are made by hand in a quaint studio in Southeastern Minnesota. Nicole, of Urban Organics, has created each recipe and ships each package with gratitude and love. Beyond creating in the Urban Organics studio, Nicole is a Reiki Practitioner & Certified Aromatherapist at Ophelia's Green Spa

Our commitment to lowering our carbon footprint guides us to reduce our packaging to be as minimal as possible. Our labels are tree free! The label on your Urban Organics products are made of stone which is biodegradable and compostable.   Take a peek at our products and enjoy our $3.95 Flat Rate Shipping! 


Ritual Bath     | Now available!

Ritual Bath | Now available!